About us

Welcome to Girls on Tap®

We are your all female plumbing workforce specialising in non-gas, domestic plumbing in West London and West of London.

The business was started over 10 years ago when we saw a need for female plumbers, as many vulnerable people feel more comfortable with women working in their home.

We treat client’s premises with great respect and are fastidiously clean and tidy

No technical terms here! We  explain the problems and solutions in layman’s terms so that you are sure about what we are doing at all times. 

We pride ourselves in being punctual and reliable. We book arrival times in 1 hour slots and we will always call in advance if we are going to be early or late.

We always make sure our charges are clear and easy to understand. Contact us today for your free no-obligation quote

We offer all types of plumbing services.

You will get the same level of technical expertise, service and briefing for the smallest through to the largest job

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